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Comedy (Standup, Improv, Sketch)12108099_10206569319664253_2975603364651739961_n

I do stand up and improv. I wax and wane between the two but during any given week you can probably catch me at a mic, a jam or a show, working/playing.

I run a Working Late Mic (free) at QED in Astoria on Friday nights, 2nd and 4th Friday of the month.  Bucket is at 10:45 and the mic runs from 11pm – 12:30am.  It’s mostly standup, but character, singers/musicians/poets and small teams (improv and sketch)are welcome.

I am starting a repeating show called Surprise Me at QED where my guests surprise me with talents, skills or stories I didn’t know they posessed.  If you’re a standup and want to do this, please contact me with the deets about your hidden talent!

Right now, I’m taking Improv classes at UCB. I’m also studying improv with Amey Goerlich. I love it.

Writing – Web/Television

I am taking classes in screenwriting and am working on my first draft of my first webseries. It is the story of a woman who has 2 weeks until her 39th birthday to achieve her dreams or be confronted by her own failure. I hope to shoot this story this year.

Theatre & StorytellingIMG_5465

I have a MFA in Stage Directing from Actors Studio Drama School and a BFA in Acting from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan.

For a short time after graduation, I directed some way off-Broadway stuff. I moved into privately advising playwrights on their plays’ development (aka “therapy for plays”).

In November of 2012, I wrote and performed in a short one-woman play, Lora, at the Bad Theatre Fest.

To me, one of my most artistically important project is a full length play I am writing.  It deals with sexual abuse and how healing and justice are not the same thing.

Writing – Fiction/Experimental

I experiment with fiction on twitter. I tell stories with all kinds of media, including photos, videos, slideshows, song. I blog flash fiction on this site.

My story, #fatkerri, was showcased as a part of the 2014 Twitter Fiction Festival. I concluded the story #ImaginaryRyan last year.  Previous chapters, as well as alternate endings, will be available under that tag on this blog as I move them to this platform.

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Music & Songwriting

Currently, I am writing songs on my little ukulele. I also play with a jam band, The Scan Gang.

We do fun, silly songs. I write to fulfill my Lilith Fair singer-songwriter dream. Our songs frequently make it into my writing.

Have a listen! I post our stuff to my SoundCloud: