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Comedy (Improv)


I do improv. During the before times, you’d likely find me on a team or a practice group on any given night, dreaming of getting on a house team. Now during quarantine, I am on a new kind of team with The Armory. I am also picking up more reps with folks I like on Zoom!

Writing – Web/Television/Film

I completed a few scripts at this time. One is the story of a woman who has 2 weeks until her 39th birthday to achieve her dreams or be confronted by her own failure. Another pilot is like Love Boat but on a 737. I am currently rewriting a screenplay based on Lora, the one woman show I did about sexual abuse. Wanna fund me so I can make some of these when the world returns to normal? My venmo is @kim_or_pen!

To me, one of my most artistically important projects is the screenplay I am writing.  It deals with sexual abuse and how healing and justice are not the same thing.

Theatre & Storytelling


I have a MFA in Stage Directing from Actors Studio Drama School and a BFA in Acting from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan.

For a short time after graduation, I directed some way off-Broadway stuff. I moved into privately advising playwrights on their plays’ development (aka “therapy for plays”).

In November of 2012, I wrote and performed in a short one-woman play, Lora, at the Bad Theatre Fest.

Writing – Fiction/Experimental

I experimented with fiction on twitter a few years ago. I told stories with all kinds of media, including photos, videos, slideshows, song. My story, #fatkerri, was showcased as a part of the 2014 Twitter Fiction Festival.

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Music & Songwriting

I play off and on with a jam band, The Scan Gang.  We do fun, silly songs. I write to fulfill my Lilith Fair singer-songwriter dream.

Have a listen! I posted our stuff to my SoundCloud:

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