Rain on the roof – My week in Comedy

I spent the weekend sleeping and finally feel like a person. That flu was awful and rendered me useless for a lot of the last two weeks.

Finally, I’m feeling human.

Jimmy Dugan was wrong: you can cure the clap with antibiotics; avoid the flu!

I rifled through a journal yesterday and found a great joke. I’m adding it to my set. I’m working on more material. I’ve almost figured out 3-year-old activist.

Last week I saw Ted Alexandro’s week at the Creek performance. It was an hour of new material. Some seriously political. Seeing Ted’s set reminded me of my preferences in standup and answered some questions I raised a couple of weeks ago.

  1. Breathing room
    • The audience needs time to think and process what you said.  If you’re throwing something tough at them, give them a moment to hear it.
    • Reassure them you are okay and they are safe to laugh at your pain.
    • Shit sandwich, that’s all I’m saying. The center can be a statement that will become a joke you just haven’t found quite yet if you’re talking long enough.
    • Funny observations around the serious observations makes the seriousness pop and seem more important.  Both are funny.
  2. Important points
    • See shit sandwich. It doesn’t matter if it’s funny. Sometimes you just need to say it.
  3. Saying what’s important to you
    • The core of everything I create.
  4. Saying what’s funny to you
    • The core of comedy, an intricate dance for me since I’m super serious. Thanks therapy for the seriousness!  Now I take my feelings seriously!

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