Day Two: Description – 101

My eyes hurt by 3pm.  Gray, dystopian walls with a slight green cast cause by the florescent light above. The gray wavers in my field of vision, as I rub my eyes.  The texture of multiple shades of gray adding into nothingness.  Nothing offensive, nothing new and nothing original.  Cookie cutter fabric for a cookie cutter job.

In rebellion to the implied rule against decoration are two objects: a glitter-encrusted, lime green card covered in butterflies and a name badge from HR training identifying me as “Sparkle,” a nonofficial nickname.

These are the walls I stare at everyday.

11 thoughts on “Day Two: Description – 101

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  1. I like how you describe the soul-destroying monotony in the first paragraph, and how you show the character of the person trapped in it in the second. Nicely done!

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